Web Based Digital Signing Solutions. POWERFUL. SIMPLE.

 Login from anywhere.
  User friendly web screens.
 Choose the signing mode.
  Single or Bulk Documents.
  Make it automated or manual.
  USB Token or HSM.
 Sign it.Share it.
  Email. or Submit online.

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Workflow versions. Server API available.

How it works.

Our solution is a web based digital signing solution compatible with Microsoft Windows or Unix based operating systems.
  • Simple, Real time online.
  • Login from anywhere.
  • Sign, store and send.
  • Faster integration.
  • Multiple users.
  • Auditable logs.

You may choose to select the signatures either from a centralised Hardware Security Module (HSM) or from your USB Token.

Benefits for you.

Signing in paper documents consumes lot of your time, sometimes it could delay the decisions. Approvals on email?. Good for now. Searching it for later references could be a intimidating task.

Our solution enables you to see and digitally sign day-to-day business documents from anywhere.
  • Email signed versions instantly.
  • Enables more trust with your customers.
  • No more "On behalf" ink signatures.
  • No need to carry papers.
  • Sign from anywhere - digitally.
  • Central storage.
  • Keeps tracking.
Make it part of your business.

We offer ready solutions, to begin digital signing as part of your day-to-day business operations. You can integrate digital signing with your current business applications too. Our solution is readily deployable for:
  • Invoice applications.
  • ERP modules.
  • Supplier invoice signing module.
  • Purchase order approvals.
  • Workflow approvals.


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